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The pawls/freehub on my Crossmax 29er lasted about 2000 miles. Mavic replaced the entire wheel under warranty. Same problem with the replacement but this time after ~400 miles. Before the replacement broke, I did notice the play in the freehub but I didn't know what it meant.


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pam installation. 2022. 6. 2. · I need a new freehub for my Shimano R501 wheels. From Shimano's exploded view, the part number is Y4SK98080. I remember that Shimano used to do a chart showing compatibility between the different freehub bodies for each hub type (with an A/B/C next to each part) but I can't find it. If you always swap like for like when replacing your bike’s.

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A lockring threads into the freehub and holds the sprockets, or cogs, in place. When the cogs are removed, the ratcheting freehub remains on the hub body. Most modern bicycles use the freehub system. See a typical cassette hub below.. your price $4.99. PART NUM 456460. Campagnolo/Fulcrum Freehub Body for Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11/12-Speed.

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13) The freehub should now drop off the DS end of the hub. 14) Clean all surfaces of the hub as well as possible. 15) Apply plenty of grease to the back of the new Freehub - in an attempt to prevent water ingress into the mechanism.

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Campagnolo Replacement Freehub Body. USD 72.49. RRP $110.49. $72.49 Save: $38.00. 5 Reviews ... Purchased this as a low cost way to have both Shimano HG 11spd mounting which came with the Zonda DB QR wheel set, and Campy 12 spd which this part was easily used to swap clusters.

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The freehub on my specialized hardrock pro - of an unknown year, but my best guess would be 08 - has completely bust. I'm on a serious budget, I use the bike for commuting only, so I really don't want to have to buy a whole new wheel. I would like to replace the freehub, but no bike shops in London seem interested.

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Replacement freehub body for Cannondale stock wheels.Cassette Compatibility: ... Cannondale Freehub Body Formula FH-04 DC-1422 - KP413/ Out of Stock. ... Easton V5 Freehub Body - HG11, 2J7R Hub , Steel. $89.99 or less. Easton Easton 11-Speed Shimano/SRAM Freehub Body for V5 hubs . how to use sugru. regen light on; walmart leetcode; 2017 ford.

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Mavic Aluminium Freehub Body for Instant Drive 360 MTB Wheels as of 2019 Shimano 8-/9-/10-/11-speed Freehub Body for FH-C201 / FH-M475 Mavic FTS-L Freehub Body as of 2011.

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When the individual teeth become pointy like a shark's and the gears begin slipping, it's time to replace the cassette. Most bike mechanics recommend replacing the cassette after 4,000 to 6,000 miles. I typically replace mine every season or every other season, depending on how often and how hard I've been riding that particular bike.

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How much does it cost to replace a bike hub? Labor Rates TUNE-UP PACKAGES Spoke Replacement with Tune-Up $10.00 $30.00* $25.00* Remove / Install Cassette on Bike $7.50 $15.00 Free Hub Body Replacement $20.00 $10.00*. How do you replace a hub assembly? Part 1 of 1: Replacing the wheel hub assembly Materials Needed. Step 1: Prepare your work area.

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Freehub body for use with SRAM 506 Rear Hubs Takes loose ball bearings. Call us on 01278 441500 [email protected] ... Would this freehub be the correct replacement for a Carrera titan ltd 2014? By Tom. 08 Apr 2020 The current Cassette is a SRAM PG850 8 Speed. All the measurements appear the same.

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I have a 2010 Elite which came with unbranded hubs and cxp22 rims. The hubs were pretty much impossible to get into. The freehub froze once as well and the pawls wouldn't engage at all. I changed them for relatively cheap shimano 501s with 30 mm rims- about £100 from Merlin with 2 free tyres and it felt substantially better.

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This compatibility manual includes Shimano HG 8-10 speed mtb freehub, 11-speed road freehub, and MS mtb 11-12 speed freehubs, Sram XD XDR 11 12 speed cassette and freehubs, and Campagnolo 9 to 12-speed freehubs, Mavic's Shimano style freehubs. ... Supported Methods & Fees. Warranty & Guarantees. Policies & Terms. Our Story. Past, Present and.

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You can mount an 8s Campag cassette on the 9/10/11s body, with a suitable spacer behind if you make sure to definitely torque the lockring very tight but its really not ideal (the splines are too shallow), or you can take a 9s Veloce cassette, miss the largest sprocket off and fit a Wheels Manufacturing spacer kit onto a 9/10/11s hub for 8s.

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Preload adjuster. Part names : Freehub body removal. Step 2. Remove the old bearings from the freehub. There are 4 bearings in the rear wheel and 2 in the front. There are 2 bearings in the rear hub shell and 2 bearings in the freehub body that attaches to the shell. We will start with the Freehub body bearings.

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After 3700 miles on the replacement freehub, the spring that puts tension on the 3 pawls, broke. Pics below. Pretty krappy for such low miles. I noticed it immediately because the freehub became very quiet, and only 1 pawl was sort-of engaging. Ordered a replacement freehub for about $50, and also a $5 spring to repair the broken freehub.

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Regular Shimano freehubs can, in theory, be stripped down like this but in practice it's a lot easier just to replace them. You only have to replace the actual freehub mechanism, not the whole hub, and it's a pretty straightforward job. This is one of those jobs for which cleaning your bike is a must. This is a uniquely grimy bit of the bike 1.

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Mavic Aluminium Freehub Body for Instant Drive 360 MTB Wheels as of 2019 Shimano 8-/9-/10-/11-speed Freehub Body for FH-C201 / FH-M475 Mavic FTS-L Freehub Body as of 2011.

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Eventually I gave up and bought a Shimano R500 rear wheel for £50 and six months later the freehub is still fine. If you’re degreasing the cassette mounted to the bike, you’re probably washing the grease out of the free hub.

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Description11 Speed Compatible Freehub Body for Reynolds Allroads/Performance Series WheelsKey FeaturesFits 2009-2016 Attack Assault Solitude Strike Storm DV3K 9/10/11 Speed Compatible. Available in Shimano and Campagnolo. Note: 2013 /2014 Wheels do not require the use of the provided Non-Drive Side End Cap.

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DT Swiss XDR Replacement Freehub Bodies From: $87.50. Easton HG-11 Road Freehub Bodies From: $89.99. Easton XD Freehub Bodies From: $99.99. Easton XDR Freehub Bodies ... Ground Shipping will cost $6.70. Free Ground Shipping on orders over $150 If your order total is over $150, Ground Shipping will be free..

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Take the new freehub and insert the fixing bolt if it’s not already installed. Apply grease to the thread, insert the hex key and wind the fixing bolt back into the hub body. Tighten the fixing bolt firmly to the torque printed in the manufacturer’s documentation – usually around 30Nm. Return the axle and cassette and the wheel is ready.

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Filament Wound Carbon Rim. 26mm wide and 50mm deep Aerodynamic Rim Profile. Clincher (Tubeless-ready) Ceramic Bearings. Aero-optimized for 25mm Tire. 1455g +/- 3%. Disc Brake Version. Compatibility: Disc brake versions compatible with F:12x100 R:12x142 thru-axles. Free Worldwide Shipping. 2 days ago · Search: Yoeleo > Road Bike Review.


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The cup/cone hub itself has recently been serviced but the freehub has become worn and wobbly. I called Genesis who told me the item on the bike is a "KT68" (part number GNSPR50020) which costs only 10 quid but won't be in stock until October. They couldn't advise whether a different aftermarket freehub could replace it.

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Low-friction Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil lubricates the mechanisms in your standard pawl freehub, ensuring that drag is reduced to a minimum. This oil is lightweight, so it resists the oxidation process that causes heavier greases to become thicker and stickier with age. And with a flow point of -40 degrees, Freehub Oil is well-suited for riding.

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Shimano/Sram XD Driver 10/11 Speed Freehub. Do remember to leave us a note about the kind of freehub you will use for your hub, then we will send accordingly, such as M74,R13,Novatec hubs, which will save time and be more convenient, or we need to send e-mail to you to confirm the hubs. Country. Frame & Wheelset Shipping Rate. Expected Delivery.

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7. Pull the axle out of the hub. First, put a rag under the wheel to catch any ball bearings on the other side that might fall out. Then pull the axle out of the hub. Use a magnet to take out the ball bearings on the other side of the tire. [7] 8. Remove the freehub body with a 10mm Allen key.

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I recently replaced the freehub on my Tiagra hub. it was £2-3 cheaper to buy a complete new hub than to buy the seperate freehub. Cost inc shipping was either just under or possibly a fraction over £20 inc shipping (I can't remember now but confident it was less than £20).

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It's also a good idea to replace your chain when you change your cassette. (Chains wear faster than your cassette, so it's likely you'll go through a couple chains before you need to replace your cassette.) Cassettes and chains need to be compatible with each other. For example, if you have a 9-speed cassette, you need a 9-speed chain. It's also a good idea to replace your chain when you change your cassette. (Chains wear faster than your cassette, so it's likely you'll go through a couple chains before you need to replace your cassette.) Cassettes and chains need to be compatible with each other. For example, if you have a 9-speed cassette, you need a 9-speed chain.

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(01-19-2011, 02:55 AM) nfmisso Wrote: (01-16-2011, 02:31 AM) andy_c Wrote: Hi, The outside cartridge bearing in the freehub body of my Fulcrum 7 rear wheel has gone bad (the actual wheel bearings are OK as is the inner freehub bearing).

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Mavic Aluminium Freehub Body for Instant Drive 360 MTB Wheels as of 2019 Shimano 8-/9-/10-/11-speed Freehub Body for FH-C201 / FH-M475 Mavic FTS-L Freehub Body as of 2011.

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DT Swiss XD Replacement Freehub Bodies From: $65.60. DT Swiss XDR Freehub Body Conversion Kits From: $87.50. DT Swiss XDR Ratchet LN Upgrade Freehub Body Kit From: $104.60. ... Ground Shipping will cost $6.70. Free Ground Shipping on orders over $150 If your order total is over $150, Ground Shipping will be free..

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Use the 5mm Allen key to loosen the screw shaft. Remove the spacer. 4. Remove the freehub body. 5. Use a clean cloth or clean tissue to wipe the inner track of the freehub body. Apply degreaser onto the nuts. 6. Apply lubricating grease around the freehub and the pawls.

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Shimano Ultegra Fh-6800/Fh-CX75 Freehub $47.00 (1) SRAM XD Driver Freehub Body $102.00 SAVE 6 % MSRP $108.00 (2) DT Swiss HG MTB Steel Freehub Body $58.30 SAVE 51 % MSRP $120.00 (20) Dt Swiss 54T Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit $122.60 (118) SRAM Freehub Body for 746 Rear Hub $75.00 SAVE 5 % MSRP $79.00 (4) Dt Swiss XD Freehub Body (Ratchet) $72.90 (16).

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Freehub/hub replacement. Solved . EDIT: went to my LBS and we discovered that the reason behind the pricing on the MT-400-B's freehub body. Apparently the freehub body is used on higher end Shimano hubs too, and thus they price it accordingly, it ends up being nearly 60$ cheaper to order the full MT-400-B hub as opposed to just the one part.

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Campagnolo's new 13-speed-ready N3W freehub body standard is rare in the industry, with backwards-compatibility for 10, 11 & 12-speed too! ... One long-running complaint from those riding Campagnolo groupsets is the high cost of replacement cassettes. ... (13-29 which I love is already gone it seems and cost me $400 to buy the last one I could.

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